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About Us

About Sport Parkinson's

Working together well requires a shared purpose: clarity on what really matters and how we each play our part in contributing to that. We believe that we share our vision of the future with others, a vision that is much bigger than Sport Parkinson’s. We won’t be able to achieve this alone, it will take the organisations who share this ambition to work together succeed.

Our Purpose

Exercise Matters

Exercise makes us happier and healthier. It opens up opportunities and brings communities together. It is essential for our mental and physical wellbeing and has the power to make life with Parkinson’s better for everyone. Thats why Sport Parkinson’s is here.

If we can help everyone to exercise more – by enabling people with Parkinson’s to find and enjoy the activities and sports that choose we can play our part in creating:

  • A more integrated and resilient Parkinson’s community, actively involved in shaping the opportunities that they want to exercise in.
  • A Parkinson’s society where physical activity is the norm – powered by thriving groups and clubs across the country.


Above all we want to create an environment where every person with Parkinson’s has a chance to reach their full potential.

We can’t do it alone. We can only succeed if we acknowledge that this is not an individual ambition. We are part of a much bigger team and that is why we will work with organisations, locally and nationally, who share our ambitions.

We are here to champion the role of sport and activity within the Parkinson’s community, so that all of us can enjoy the benefits of being active. That means our ambition is for everyone with Parkinson’s and the life-changing difference that we can make together.

We are Sport Parkinson’s.

What We Do

We will invest in, raise funds for, and provide a range of services to the Parkinson’s community to enable and encourage more people with Parkinson’s to play sport, improve mental well-being and be physically active.

To help Parkinson’s sport sector to continue to improve and evolve, we will share our expertise to help colleagues, partners and stakeholders improve the way they govern sports.

We will also support Sport Parkinson’s Activity Tribes (SPARKs) by establishing frameworks and that make it easier for them to access specialist services, and often act in a consultancy goal on areas including commercialisation, innovation, sustainability and programme development.

Our funding for Parkinson’s Active Posses has different objectives depending on the SPARK involved. A key element of these investments is to ensure sustainability for our partners.

Our key SPARKies Activity Tribes include, but are not limited too.

With more Activity Tribes being added all of the time.

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How We'll Work

Sport Parkinson’s in partnership with Parkinson’s UK and The Cure Parkinson’s Trust will create a series of fundraising events, such as The Cure Parkinsons’s Cup enabling the Parkinson’s Community to participate in and raise funds for both organisations. The funds raised will used to enable participation in exercise for those with Parkinson’s Disease and to facilitate research into the benefits of exercise for those with Parkinson’s Disease.

About Playwaze

Playwaze is a sports technology platform used by organisations and activity providers to manage sport and physical activity online and using solutions. #PoweredByPlaywaze

Playwaze is a leading member of the OpenActive initiative funded by Sport England, supporting the sector to harnesses the power of open and bookable activity and facility data. 

Playwaze is the chosen technology for National Governing Bodies, Active Partnerships, leading universities, councils, charities, and Sport Parkinson’s.



Executive Team


Executive Team


Executive Team

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