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our purpose

Exercise makes us happier and healthier. Exercise improves our mental and physical wellbeing and has the power to improve life with Parkinson’s for everyone. Exercise opens up opportunities and brings communities together. 

Sport Parkinson’s will facilitate the creation and provision of an active Parkinson’s Community.

We can’t do this alone. We can only succeed if we acknowledge that this is not an individual ambition. We are part of a much bigger team and that is why we will work with organisations, locally and nationally, who share our ambitions.

Aged man hit golf ball during leisure game while his buddy with bag for clubs standing near by

The Ambition That Drives Us All. Together. Now.

Race The Moon
"The Challenge That's Out Of This World"
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Cure Parkinson's Cup
"For the Players With Parkinson's"
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Cure Parkinson's Ryder Cup
"Europe v America in a Head-to-Head Match-Play Competition"
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We are collaborative. inclusive. ambitious.

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“Usually, if you start a movement, someone will feel the desire to join you on a mission.”

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“I don’t feel like a hero – just another person involved in the race. I’m hoping to encourage People with Parkinson’s Disease to become Challengers.

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Our Up Coming Events!

Race The Moon

How far can you go? RTM - The Challenge That Is Out Of This World

Cure Parkinson's Cup

The CP Cup hosted by Worcester Warriors at the Sixways Stadium

Cure Parkinson's Ryder Cup

The CP Ryder Cup hosted by The Belfry on the Brabazon Course

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We know that getting back into fitness is tough! Let us help you achieve your weight boxing workouts.